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A Message From Katie

Hi Everyone,
If you know anything about writers you will understand  that stopping halfway through a manuscript, going off to Australia for a couple of months and then returning to the book and trying to remember where you left off, is extremely difficult.  We had had a lovely time with my son and his daughters but the horrors of the journey, and later the jetlag, reduced Brian and I to nervous wrecks.  Then my poor book – A Family Christmas – had to be completely re-written; so frustrating when I remember the complexities of the original plot.  
However, I have at long last despatched the finished manuscript, including the million and one changes I had to make, and now it must be forgotten so that I can concentrate on the new book.  I usually hate beginnings, but this one I rather like; I just hope it will come to heel more easily than the last!
Also, myself20and my family missed out on last summer because my daughter, Holly, had a bad riding accident which meant many operations and trips to hospital, so we mean to make the most of this summer, since she is much better.
Hope you, too, are able to enjoy the lovely weather we have been promised!

All best wishes, Katie

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